How to cook Healthy Asparagus in One Pan - Super Simple
Broccoli Puree side dish with a Cheesy Top
Super fluffy mashed potatoes

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The Best Chicken Francaise Recipe

I believe Chicken Francaise, also known as Francese, was created in America by Italian immigrants. As with numerous Italian chicken dishes, they were originally intended for veal but taste equally

Perfect Pan Seared Salmon with Lemon Butter Cream Sauce

This pan fried seared salmon is poached in its own sauce rendering it flaky and moist. There’s the option of a crispy skin, by baking it separately if you wish

KFC Secret Fried Chicken Recipe

On August 29 2016 rumors hit the internet stating that Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe was accidentally revealed. A sheet of paper with the hand written ingredients are supposedly Colonel Sanders’

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One Pan Asparagus

An asparagus side dish that’s really simple to make using one pan. No boiling in pots or steaming. Super simple with lemon, garlic and pepper and all in one pan.

Broccoli Puree with a Cheesy Top

A broccoli puree makes a great and tasty side dish plus it’s easy to do. Top it with cream and cheese for that cheesy crust. It’s silky smooth and goes

Fluffy Mashed Potatoes

This is the classic recipe without gimmicks, the one you will always go to. It’s buttery, creamy and fluffy. You can add more flavours as per my tips below, but

Cheesy Lasagne Spinach & Basil Rolls

Made with simple fresh ingredients, these cheesy lasagne taste incredible. If you love cheese and Italian flavours, then you need to make these. You can buy the lasagna sheets or

White Fish with Beurre Blanc Chive Sauce

Beurre blanc is a classic French sauce which means white butter. It’s made with a reduction of white wine vinegar and finely chopped shallots and optional herbs. It’s emulsified by

Shrimp (prawns) with roasted garlic and tomato pasta

A simple to make shrimp or prawn pasta recipe. Made by roasting the tomatoes and garlic, it intensifies the flavours. Fresh basil is added to the sauce for that nice

Vegetarian French Onion Soup

There’s no more satisfying dish than a French Onion Soup in the colder months. This one is the vegetarian version, and it’s so tasty you’ll never know the difference. It’s

Pan Seared Glazed Salmon with Honey and Soy

A quick and simple salmon recipe with few ingredients that will leave you breathless. It’s a French style recipe with a Thai influence. You can cook it under 25 minutes

Chicken Scarpariello farm style

An Italian American chicken dish with Italian sausage. Cooked farmstyle with the bone for maximum flavour using one pot. Simple to make and the results of flavours will amaze you.

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