How To Poach An Egg

A poached egg is an egg that has been cooked in simmering water. It requires precise timing and is quite simple to master once you have the right technique. One

How To Dry Brine A Turkey

A dry-brine technique which achieves similar results to wet brine by sprinkling kosher salt and letting it sit uncovered in the fridge for 12 hours. The salt draws out the

How To Make A Fried Egg Parcel

If you love fried eggs you will love this brand new technique. A steaming runny hot yolk and a perfectly cooked white, all wrapped up like a present ready to

How To Make Chicken Stock

Chicken stock is the basis to many sauces, soups and other dishes. It’s a staple for any kitchen that’s made from chicken bones or carcasses, a few vegetables and aromatic

How To Cook A Perfect Juicy Steak

There’s a hundred ways to cook a steak but for me, this method has always given me amazing results. The action of flipping your steak regularly keeps the juices in

How To Breakdown A Chicken

It amazes me how much extra we are charged for such a simple task. I’ve seen it up to three times the price for something that takes under two minutes

How To Make A Berry Coulis

Coulis, a French word referring to a thick sauce made from pureed fruits or vegetables. This version doesn’t require cooking keeping the full fresh fruit flavours and can be served

How To Peel And Smoke A Capsicum (Bell Pepper)

The misleading name of pepper, was given by Christopher Columbus as it resembles a chili. They are called capsicums in Australia and new Zealand. Don’t be scared to burn the

How To Season A New Wok

Woks are made of cast iron or carbon steel, to avoid them rusting in storage manufacturers coat them with a factory oil. This oil needs to be scrubbed away before

How To Chop An Onion

Chopping an onion is a very common task in cooking meals and one of the most important cooking skills. It’s very easy to do and quite fast once you know

How To Stone, Peel And Slice An Avocado

They may be fatty but they are healthy fats that help reduce cholesterol. They have 4 grams of protein which is more than other fruits. plus they are rich in

How To Sterilise Preserve Jars

It’s important to avoid contamination if you wish to lengthen the shelf life of your produce. Keeping your jars germ free will ensure a much longer shelf life.

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