How to Make Béarnaise Sauce

Béarnaise Sauce is a classic French sauce that originated in Paris. It’s a rich butter sauce that’s so versatile, you can use it on almost anything. It’s perfect on grilled

Red Wine and Shallot Butter

A super tasty whipped butter that’s always ready to use making your meats taste incredible! You’ll need a mixer and some soft butter. Keep it in the fridge or frozen

Quick and Simple Peanut Satay Sauce

There are many variations of peanut or Satay sauce, some can be quite complex if made from scratch.  But with a few short cuts, it’s surprisingly simple to make.  This

Easy Pesto

The easiest and fastest pesto recipe. Great for pasta, pizza, dips, soups, omelets, toasted bread and so much more. Keep a jar in your fridge. Let me know how you

Extra Tasty Turkey Gravy With Chestnuts

There’s gravy and there’s amazing gravy. You guessed it, this one is amazing because of all the roasting caramelisation that takes place. A perfect gravy for your Christmas or Thanksgiving

Super Smooth Avocado Mayonnaise

Rumour has it that mayonnaise claimed its name by way of a printing press error. Mayonnaise is an emulsifying process made by slowly pouring oil to an egg yolk while

Napolitana (Marinara) Tomato Sauce

Make this sauce yourself, it really doesn’t take long and the difference to the bought one is immeasurably tastier than the best of supermarket sauces you can find. Marinara sauce

Traditional Bechamel Sauce

The Bechamel sauce originated in the Tuscan regions of Italy and later adopted by the French Chefs of Henry IV. The white sauce soon became a main ingredient in French

Parmesan Cheese Sauce

A cheese sauce is basically a white sauce known as a Bechamel sauce with the addition of cheese. This recipe is quite basic, you can enhance it with other ingredients

Traditional Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

Hollandaise sauce is made by way of an emulsion using egg yolk and butter. It is known as a mother sauce in the French Haute Cuisine.

Sweet N Spicy BBQ Sauce

Brush it on your ribs, pork, chicken beef and give it that intense BBQ flavour. BBQ meat has been enjoyed as far back as 700 B.C. from Iraq to Turkey.

Extra Tasty Luscious Chicken Gravy Recipe

This recipe is pretty fool proof and the flavour is as good as it gets. It’s the perfect addition to any chicken dish or any type of poultry.

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