Tandoori Chicken Pizza Recipe

Where Italy meets South Asia. Tandoori chicken is normally cooked in a clay oven. This recipe works well as the pizza is cooked in a similar way by using a

Soupe au pistou

Soupe au pistou is a hearty pesto style bean, pasta and potato soup. Very simple to make and the outcome of flavours is incredible. I grew up with this soup

Gnocchi With Burnt Butter And Sage Recipe

There’s a million ways to cook gnocchi but the marriage of the sage and burnt butter is one you can’t go past. The term burnt butter indicates a nutty brown

Sicilian Pizza

One of my favourite pizza’s probably because I grew up with this flavour where I was born in the South of France. The flavours of the anchovies and olives marry

How To Make Ricotta Gnocchi

This style of gnocchi is high on my list due to their fluffiness. You can make a big batch as they also freeze well and so convenient. Use a good

Basic Vegetable Stock

Make a Vegetable Stock with as many vegetables as you have lying around. Vege stocks are the best way to avoid throwing away old vegetables or trimmings. This version is

Gamberetto Pizza Recipe

A very simple combination pizza utilising whole prawns or shrimps with a beautiful fresh aromatic garlic pesto. Watch out for the beautiful smells emitting from this scrumptious pizza, it can

Tian Provencale

A perfect dish for vegetarian Monday, or any day. Tian Provencale originated in Provence quite some time ago, this version travels further South with the addition of Parmesan cheese. A

How To Stone, Peel And Slice An Avocado

They may be fatty but they are healthy fats that help reduce cholesterol. They have 4 grams of protein which is more than other fruits. plus they are rich in

How To Peel And Smoke A Capsicum (Bell Pepper)

The misleading name of pepper, was given by Christopher Columbus as it resembles a chili. They are called capsicums in Australia and new Zealand. Don’t be scared to burn the

Salsa Verde

This is the sauce that everyone should know how to make, it’s so easy and it enhances the flavour of grilled meats, great on poached or steamed fish seafood and

How To Make Sweet Short Crust

Sweet pastry is commonly used for desserts like tarts, pies, mini tartlets butter cookies and more. It’s easy to freeze, so you can always make extra an extra batch.

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