How To Preserve Lemons

It amazes me how expensive preserved lemons can be for a small jar, yet having my own lemon tree, they cost me around one dollar to make for a large

Crispy Skin Fish Fillet With Braised Fennel

Fish and fennel have always been a marriage made in heaven. This recipe takes it up a notch by braising the fennel and using its caramelised juices to enhance the

Super Smooth Avocado Mayonnaise

Rumour has it that mayonnaise claimed its name by way of a printing press error. Mayonnaise is an emulsifying process made by slowly pouring oil to an egg yolk while

Roasted Asparagus

Roasting gives you maximum flavour and it’s so easy. A great side dish with roasts and more.

Crab and Corn Fritters

These crab and corn fritters make a great starter or appetizers. They are simple to make and your guests will love them. Serve with a mayonnaise or an aoli.

Chicken Sweetcorn Soup

A heart warming soup that originally came from the Southwest of China. This recipe will strongly compete with the best of Chinese restaurants. The recipe is quite large in quantity,

How To Make A Berry Coulis

Coulis, a French word referring to a thick sauce made from pureed fruits or vegetables. This version doesn’t require cooking keeping the full fresh fruit flavours and can be served

Crispy Cannoli

A tube shaped fried shell filled with a lemon ricotta cheese cream. Common Italian pastry that originated in Sicily. You can use wine which is more traditional but I prefer

Roasted Garlic Fluffy Mashed Potato

For the perfect heavenly mashed potatoes, firstly you need to buy the right potatoes. Go for the starchiest you can find. Always mash them while they are steaming hot inside

Easy To Make Plum Cake Recipe

Forget packet mixes, try this easy and fast recipe, so quick you can cook it for for unexpected guests. It’s my Mother’s secret recipe so please keep it to yourself,

Chicken Parmesan Crunch

This is a new technique for the ever popular baked chicken Parmesan. With the crouton crunch, the white wine glaze and the moist chicken and tomato, this dish may be

Chicken Kiev

This dish originated from Ukraine as the name suggests, Kiev is the capital. There are claims that the dish was invented in St Petersburg by a Soviet. The chicken Kiev

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