Pesto And Cream Cheese Omelette

An omelette is a dish made from beaten eggs, it’s healthy, it’s cheap and so easy to make.

Pork Wellington Recipe

Named after the Duke of Wellington, this old classic recipe normally known as Beef Wellington, is replacing the beef with the pork tenderloin cut, pork fillet.

Zucchini And Chickpea Fritters

A quick and healthy lunch idea that’s delsih!  Chickpeas are a healthy legume high in protein. This vegetarian dish is quite simple to make and has a great marriage of

Pain Perdu With Berries

The French translation of “Pain Perdu” means lost bread, or spoiled bread, a recipe devised to use up left over stale bread. Created during wartime economies in a way not

How To Make Chicken Stock

Chicken stock is the basis to many sauces, soups and other dishes. It’s a staple for any kitchen that’s made from chicken bones or carcasses, a few vegetables and aromatic

Orecchiette with shrimp and peas

Orecchiette pasta with peas, shrimp (prawns) in a creamy pea sauce. Orecchiette pasta resembles little ears, in fact it comes from the word “orecchie” which means ears due to their

Roasted Garlic Fluffy Mashed Potato

For the perfect heavenly mashed potatoes, firstly you need to buy the right potatoes. Go for the starchiest you can find. Always mash them while they are steaming hot inside

Penne With Torn Salami And Olives Recipe

A Penne is a cylinder shape pasta piece which originally meant “Quilt”. (I gather that’s where the word writing pen comes from) It”s great with sauces as the centre of

Open Grilled Avocado

Open grilled sandwiches are a great approach to a tasty lunch with minimal fuss. You can prepare this meal in less than 5 minutes. If you preheat your grill, you

Spanish Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

Where Italy meets Spain. The chorizo sausage is made from pork and dried smoked red peppers giving your pizza a beautiful smoky flavour. By roasting your own capsicum and grilling

Canazzu Vegetable Stew

This healthy vegetable stew is very similar to a French ratatouille.  It’s a Sicilian style dish using seasonal summer vegetables.  It’s a very healthy complete meal and satisfying as it

How To Make Potato Gnocchi

A gnocchi meaning “Knot in Wood” is a dumpling made from soft dough consisting of flour, eggs and potato. There are huge variations that you can make to accompany it,

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