Yellow Curry Fish & Mussel Soup

Thai Yellow curry has many uses and surprisingly quite underrated considering the beautiful flavours and aromas. Once you make this soup yourself, you’ll be surprised that it’s comparable to some

Tomato Sauce With Extra Zing Recipe

You can’t beat a good Italian sauce, it has so many desirable applications in the kitchen. This one has extra zing, not quite authentic but you will love the flavour.

Thai Massaman Curry Paste

Make this awesome curry paste from scratch then use to make the best curries ever. Freeze or refrigerate ready for use.

Salade Lyonnaise With Crispy Fried Egg

Salade lyonnaise is traditionally made with bitter curly leaf lettuce and a poached egg. It’s a dish very similar to the ever famous Caesar Salad. My version is a twist

Fresh Tomato Salsa

Salsa means sauce in Spanish and is normally quite piquant (hot). This version uses cut vegetables rather than crushed or blended for that extra texture and freshness.

Salami And Zucchini Penne

Penne is a common pasta that has a cylindrical shape, the named derived from the word “pen” due to its hollow round shape. This recipe uses fresh tomato for the

Canazzu Vegetable Stew

This healthy vegetable stew is very similar to a French ratatouille.  It’s a Sicilian style dish using seasonal summer vegetables.  It’s a very healthy complete meal and satisfying as it

Eggplant Stack Florentine

A quick meal option for a delightful lunch packed with Italian flavours. Instead of a mortar and pestle you can also make the pesto in a food processor. If you’re

Chorizo Fettuccini With Chili And Bocconcini

Chorizo is usually a cured pork sausage made with chili peppers that originated in Portugal using traditional sausage making methods. Mixed with the fresh tomatoes, aromatic wood herbs and creamy

How To Season A New Wok

Woks are made of cast iron or carbon steel, to avoid them rusting in storage manufacturers coat them with a factory oil. This oil needs to be scrubbed away before

Crepes Suzette Recipe

Crepe Suzette is a French dessert consisting of crepes and a carmelised sauce of sugar and butter with orange juice. Usually served flambe with a Grand Marnier orange liqueur. It

Chicken Pesto Liguria

This dish packs a punch of flavours, with the slightly crunchy prosciutto, the pesto with cream cheese filling and the moist chicken breast, it’s just superb. Enjoy with a great

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