Fluffy Ricotta Gnocchi

This style of fluffy ricotta gnocchi is high on my list due to their pillow fluffiness. You can make a big batch as they also freeze well and so convenient.

Lamb Cutlets Herb Crust

With the herb flavours and the sealed juices, these cutlets ideally served with mash potato make a fantastic dinner. You can also prepare them in advance for dinner parties.

Kabanosy Puffs

Kabanos also known as Kabana is traditionally a dry Polish sausage made from pork. Some refer to it as Beef jerky. They have a

Sweet Potato Purée

Baking the sweet potatoes is the secret to the amazing flavour. The sweet potatoes caramelise under the skin yielding this awesome flavour. If you prefer silky, you can use it

Mystere au chocolat

French vanilla ice-cream dessert with hot chocolate sauce. This dessert will blow you away as it’s so simple to make and very impressive. This version has a crunchy hazelnut coating

Extra Moist Chicken Parmigiana Recipe

Please don’t call it chicken parm, this version is not your average Parmigiana keeping it’s moisture on the inside with the protective breadcrumb crust. Based on the original recipe Parmigiana

Parmesan Eggplant Involtini with Smoked Ham

Similar to a cannelloni, this involtini also know as rollatini is made with few ingredients including smoked ham and semi dried tomatoes. You could also use sundried tomatoes. It’s relatively

Bbq Lamb Souvlaki

A well know Greek fast food consisting of BBQ’d meat on a skewer and wrapped in pita bread usually with vegetables. The word “Souvlaki” actually means “Skewer”. Souvlaki is traditionally

5 easy ways to chop garlic

Here’s 5 ways to chop garlic easily at home. There’s different cuts for different uses, but most are adaptable for general cooking. Be aware that garlic can oxidize very quickly,

How To Breakdown A Chicken

It amazes me how much extra we are charged for such a simple task. I’ve seen it up to three times the price for something that takes under two minutes

Twice Baked Potato

Everyone loves a baked potato, add bacon and cheese and it almost becomes a religion. Let there be heat, these twice baked potatoes are easy to make, it takes a

Quick Parmesan Polenta

An easy polenta recipe using instant polenta and wild mushrooms. You can also use dried mushrooms, just soak them in stock or red wine first and mix them with fresh

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