Pork Fillet Prosciutto

Saltimbocca meaning “jump in the mouth” is usually an Italian dish prepared with veal, the combination of the sage and the prosciutto are a perfect marriage. The perfect marriage of

Stuffed tomatoes with meat

These meat stuffed tomatoes with meat are seriously delicious.  Vine ripe tomatoes are the best as they ripened under the sun resulting in more flavour and sweeter taste.  These are

Tomato Feuilleté

It’s amazing how spectacular a quick meal can be. Not only does this tart look incredible, it tastes awesome and can be made in 15 minutes.

Sweet Potato Ricotta Pie

A great alternative to pumpkin pie and best of all it’s made with natural ingredients.  The sweet potatoes are first baked in the oven until they caramelize on the outside. 

Lamb And Potato Moussaka

A Greek version of Moussaka consisting of layers of eggplant and potato, it’s very similar to a lasagna without the pasta. Serve it with a Greek salad for a perfect

Basil Aioli Sauce

Basil aioli has to be made with fresh basil. It’s great on fried fish, poached salmon, boiled vegetables etc. Basically anything boiled or poached.

Chicken And Eggplant Kebabs

Simple to make, delicious Italian Kebabs with eggplant. This recipe uses a cheesy eggwash to coat the kebab creating a crusty outside whilst sealing all the juices inside. The cheese

Curried Chickpeas

One of the most delicious yet quite simple curried chickpea recipes. This is also perfect if you are vegan or vegetarian as the sauce is coconut milk based. The intensity

Sweet Potato Lasagna

Individual lasgana portions are simple to make and look great. Made with sweet potato, spinach and fresh pesto. I also used Pecorino cheese for an intense flavour but you can

Tuna Salade Niçoise With A Twist

Salade Nicoise as the name suggests comes from the city of “Nice” in Provence, in the South of France. There’s been so many variations of this bistro style famous salade

Perfect Roast Turkey

This is a no fuss turkey recipe and yet it’s probably the best turkey you will ever taste. There’s no basting required as basting doesn’t do much anyway, except extends

Poached Eggs Recipe

A poached egg, is an egg that has been cooked in simmering water. It requires precise timing and is quite simple to master once you have the right technique. One

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