Chicken Prosciutto

Very simple to make under 30 minute meal. The cream and Parmesan cheese, flavour the chicken keeping it moist in its prosciutto wrapping.

Sicilian Chicken

This oven cooked casserole is a little different as the lid is removed through the cooking process allowing the skin to crisp up. The meat is juicy and tender, the

Chicken Thigh Mozzarella And Smoked Ham

With melted cheese inside and grilled cheese that oozed out on the outside, this chicken dish is to die for!  Made with the true flavours of Italy.  The chicken thighs are

Chicken Piccata

The word Piccata means “larded”, although an Italian word, this chicken piccata dish originated not in Italy but rather in US. It resembles Sicilian cooking style with Northern Italian influences.

Fluffy Ricotta Gnocchi

This style of fluffy ricotta gnocchi is high on my list due to their pillow fluffiness. You can make a big batch as they also freeze well and so convenient.

Easy To Make Tiramisu

Best Classic Tiramisu Recipe. So easy to make, no baking. Tiramisu is an Italian and very popular mascarpone custard and coffee soaked cake. So delicious even tea drinkers love. Light,

Chicken Parmesan & Parsley

A no fuss recipe with outstanding results, a cheesy and crispy skin with a juicy and tender meat. So simple to make with only five basic ingredients. Buy the chicken

Extra Moist Chicken Parmigiana Recipe

Please don’t call it chicken parm, this version is not your average Parmigiana keeping it’s moisture on the inside with the protective breadcrumb crust. Based on the original recipe Parmigiana

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