This recipe is another Chef collaboration as I travel to different restaurants around the world. This one is actually 10 minutes from where I live and I’m so lucky to live here. Chef Jono has cooked for us a BBQ calamari made with a fusion of Australian, Argentinian and Asian flavours. A perfect summer dish to enjoy with a crisp cold glass of Chardonnay. You will need to marinate the calamari at least four hours, ideally overnight to really infuse the herb aromas and flavours. Make it on your BBQ or at home on a hot griddle pan, you’ll need a lot of heat for that nice smoky BBQ char-grilled flavour. If you don’t feel up to cooking it, then simply visit The Rocks Restaurant Mornington in Victoria Australia, and let Chef Jono look after you. Either way if you’re a squid or calamari fan, you will love this awesome dish plus you’ll learn how to clean a calamari.