How To Make Sweet Short Crust

Sweet pastry is commonly used for desserts like tarts, pies, mini tartlets butter cookies and more. It’s easy to freeze, so you can always make extra an extra batch.

How To Sterilise Preserve Jars

It’s important to avoid contamination if you wish to lengthen the shelf life of your produce. Keeping your jars germ free will ensure a much longer shelf life.

How To Dry Your Own Oregano

Oregano is a herb from the mint family, it prefers growing in warmer temperatures. It’s an important cooking herb used for its strong pleasing flavours. It’s been a staple herb

Curly Fettuccine With Olives

Curly fettuccine is an elegant and appealing shape as it grips onto any sauce giving you maximum flavour with each bite. It’s also known as Tripolina. Try this recipe reflecting

Goat Cheese And Sweet Potato Pizza

As much as I love traditional pizzas , occasionally its good to steer away from the norm and try something different. The marriage of the goat cheese, sweet potato and

Chicken Cheese And Smoked Ham Mousse

It’s actually quite simple to make, place your ingredients in a food processor, fill the chicken using a pipping bag, and bake with two slices of cheese. Make a batch

Pappardelle Alla Puttanesca

The Puttanesca sauce supposedly originated in Naples Italy. It’s made from olives, capers, anchovies, chili in a herb and garlic tomato sauce. Puttanesca translates to “Whore style”. How this name

How to make whole-wheat egg pasta

You cannot compare fresh homemade pasta to the commercial pasta you buy off the supermarket shelves. A lot of people are surprised how simple pasta actually is to make and


A middle Eastern style cheesy dip made with healthy creamy yoghurt. If you like hummus, you will also like this.   For this recipe I used goat’s milk yoghurt, it will

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