There are a lot of “Best fried chicken recipes”, many try to imitate the famous KFC secret recipe, you can see my version here.  But let’s face it, as good as KFC might be, it’s convenience food and why try and make something when you can simply buy it.  The only reason I can think of is to make it better.  And this recipe is definitely better! You just cannot beat the freshness of home made fried chicken.  Now this is not a copycat recipe, but it is quite simple to make and despite its simplicity in ingredients, I’ll be bold enough to claim that it’s the best recipe you will ever find. With the smokiness of the paprika, the popcorn like crunchy coating and the brined moist meat, you will be amazed at the outcome in a standard fryer. I’ve made this using boneless, skinless chicken thighs but you can certainly make it with breast and keep the skin on if you prefer.  Serve it with a salad or you can also use this recipe for an awesome chicken burger.  Make it quick before this becomes the next secret fried chicken recipe!